4 Decorating Ideas for Your Patriotic Christmas Tree

Decorating Ideas for Your Patriotic Christmas Tree

Independence Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t done any decorating or planning for your celebration, no need to worry. We compiled creative ideas from our amazing blogger partners to help you express your love for flag and country. Create a festive and meaningful gathering for the holiday by decorating your own patriotic white Christmas tree.

Classic Red, White, and Blue


“Summer is also a time to celebrate America’s birthday and our servicemen and women who make the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country the land of the free and home of the brave. And since we have a more relaxed schedule, it’s the perfect time to gather friends and family to celebrate.”

Our very own Jen Lutz mixed old and new décor favorites for her summer tree. Ribbons, party fans, picks, and glitter in red and blue create a festive display on her Flocked White Fir. She also matched the colors on her food table with paper coasters, napkins, and straws for a complete patriotic look and feel.

Vintage Ornaments


“I am one of 5 siblings and three of us were born on Army bases. Living on Army bases was hard on my mom after the War especially when my Dad was always getting shipped overseas on an assignment. But she overcame all of the difficulties that came her way with dignity and grace. Many years ago, I bought these two figurines and placed them around a photo of my dad in his Army uniform standing by my grandfather. My grandfather looked very proud.”

Shirley of Housepitality Designs dedicated her tree to her veteran father and decorated her Arctic White Pine with vintage soldier figurines and Christopher Radko ornaments in honor of 9/11. Combined with red, white, and blue pom-poms, ribbons, stars, and finials, this patriotic tree represents a family’s pride and generations of service to flag and country.

A Touch of Gold


“My husband and I both have several family members on each side who have served in the armed forces in one capacity or another; in peacetime and in war times. We have come to understand that no matter what the circumstances are, a service person and their families are sacrificing for the good of our country when they are willing to commit to years of service. They commit their time, their own ability to make many life decisions, and their families. And of course, there are so many who have made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom and safety. This something we just can’t forget!”

Stacey of Poofing the Pillows adds a subtle touch of elegance to her charming Alpine White Christmas tree. Gold finial ornaments lend extra sparkle to her tree decorated with ribbons, small paper lanterns, floral ornaments, and flags.

Stars, Stripes, and Sea


“However you celebrate Independence Day, spend a few moments to remember and give thanks for our military men and women and their families, whose service and sacrifice allow us to live in freedom. America is the Land of the Free Because of the Brave.”

Mary of Home is Where the Boat Is brings her love of country and the sea together on her Arctic White Pine Christmas tree. Decorated with mini flags, party picks, sparklers, and red finials, this white tree is also accented with miniature boat and life ring ornaments for a unique nautical twist.

We hope these themes and suggestions help you plan a fun-filled 4th of July with family and friends. Enjoy the fireworks, and may you have a meaningful Independence Day celebration!

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