[VIDEO] How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Putting ribbon on your tree adds that extra pizazz and helps tie your décor together. There are many options to choose from and different ways to use them. Watch brand spokesperson Jen Lutz as she shows us how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon in this step-by-step guide.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon:
1. Prepare your tree
2. Choose the right ribbon
3. Layer your ribbons
4. Tuck and twist
5. Choose your ribbon technique
6. Step away from the tree

1. Prepare your tree

Preparing your treeThe first step in putting ribbon on your tree is to set the tree up properly. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, make sure it is fluffed and that lights are plugged in. If you have a live tree, check that it is watered and complete with lights.

2. Choose the right ribbon

Choosing your ribbon
Next, choose the ribbon type and pattern for your tree. Wired ribbons are ideal because they can hold their shape and be used year after year. Thicker ribbons (2 to 5 inches) work well for both large and small trees, as they fill gaps easily and do not slip off the branches.

3. Layer your ribbons

Layer your ribbons
For a fuller and more versatile look, consider layering ribbons rather than using only one color, style, or material. A sheer ribbon over a solid one can provide a lot of texture without clashing colors or patterns. A narrow dark ribbon on top of a wider light-colored one helps give your tree that extra pop of color.

4. Tuck and twist

Tuck and Twist

Take the ends of your ribbon and tie them together with a floral wire or pipe cleaner. Tuck the end deep into your tree, then twist into and around an inner branch and bring back to the starting point. This is easier to do with artificial Christmas trees since you can bend and adjust branches. With real trees, use green pipe cleaners or small floral ties to keep the ribbons in place.

5. Choose your ribbon technique

Technique and pattern

You can now choose the directional pattern you want. Here are some suggestions for you to try:

a) S-Shape

Moving down from top to bottom of the tree, make a slightly horizontal wave in an S shape. Do this several times with long strips of ribbon.

b) Zig-zag

Starting from the top, make a zig-zag pattern across the tree moving to the bottom.

c) Around and around

Working in a diagonal direction, twist and then loop your way around the tree in a slight downward spiral fashion.

d) Start in the middle of the tree

Take one end of the ribbon and push it into the center of the tree. Make sure that the ribbon rests securely on the branch.

e) Designer

Play around with the pattern. Combine loops, bends, billows, cascades, and weaves depending on your personal style and taste.

When you reach the bottom of the tree, cut the ribbon with enough length to make a little swirl at the end.

6. Step away from the tree

Christmas tree with ribbon

As you decorate your tree, take a few steps back once in a while to check the overall look. This allows you to view the tree and ribbon creation with fresh eyes and see what needs reworking.

Decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon is a fun activity that can be enjoyed with the entire family. Let your imagination and creativity take over as you experiment with different themes for your tree. When you’re happy with the results, go ahead and add ornaments to complete your display.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon. Get a head start on your holiday preparations by browsing our selection of realistic Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations on the Tree Classics website.

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