Spread the Joy: Celebrating a Charitable Christmas in July

A Charitable Christmas in July
One thing I appreciate about Tree Classics is their commitment to giving back to local communities. When they asked me to donate an artificial Christmas tree and décor to a local charity as part of their charitable Christmas in July campaign, I immediately thought of my local American Legion, Post #53.

A Quick History

American Legion logo

Chartered in 1919, the American Legion is a “patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness.” They do this by fostering community through service—sponsoring baseball teams, providing local scholarship, and lobbying for veteran’s needs.

In a small rural community, there is a strong commitment to veterans and the armed forces. Though like many small communities, Hillsdale’s Post #53 needs often outweigh resources. Needless to say, when I approached the American Legion about donating a tree, they were excited. Their current tree was decades old, and a new tree, ornaments and coordinating tree skirt were welcome additions.

A 4th of July Tree for the American Legion

In keeping with the 4th of July holiday, I chose a 7.5” Alpine White Christmas Tree, and decorated it with red & silver finials and bulbs from Tree Classics. Foiled red, white, and blue picks from Hobby Lobby give it a fireworks effect, and I complemented these with some 3×5” American flags and wide navy ribbons with red, white, and blue stars. I like the combo of traditional bulbs, festive ribbon of various widths (to add color and texture), and then a few large decorative picks. What I love about a white tree is that ornaments really pop. White feels light and airy in the summer, and festive and snowy during the Christmas season.

Although people were initially quizzical about a 4th of July tree, skepticism turned to excitement once it was fully decorated. The American Legion is hosting a 4th of July barbecue as well as a Wounded Warriors fundraiser later in the month, and this pre-lit tree adds to the festivities. What joy it brings to spread some cheer to men and women who have selflessly served. Happy birthday, America!

Spread the Joy Giveaway!

Join Tree Classics’ charitable Christmas in July by sharing your own story of giving for a chance to win one of their exclusive trees. Follow the Tree Classics Facebook page to learn more.

179 thoughts on “Spread the Joy: Celebrating a Charitable Christmas in July”

  1. My husband, who is a Veteran of the US Navy, and I like to spread joy during the holidays by giving to those less fortunate. Each year we adopt children through different social service programs and provide them with all they need for a Merry Christmas. Last year we adopted six children, ranging in age from newborn through 12 years, through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree progrm. Originally we planned on just two, but after seeing so many who were not being chosen, we tripled that number. We find so much joy in the planning and shopping. Just knowing that we did our part to help as many children as we are able to have a great holiday season.

    1. As someone without much I still have more than others and like to give when possible. I always say “yes” at the cash register to donate $1 to whatever cause it might be. I don’t feel the “pinch” when its a smaller amount and I still get to give what I can afford…..and spread it out to different causes!

  2. I can’t afford to give much, but I like to donate what I can like old clothes and unused items I don’t need. I also just try to be nice to everyone throughout the days so they can have a better day.

  3. Well,I do believe in giving year round. The heart ❤ is open at Christmas for many but the need is year round for all. I’m not so big on sharing what we do because my family and I don’t want the recognition..we do what’s right. To give..to share. We have a summer party at the end of school..also birthdays here but instead of gifts we ask for non perishable food and goods so we can take them to those who need food. Kids don’t go to school during summer months and so less food goes in their bellies…pbj…crackers..fruit bars.cereal. It gets expensive to feed a family so a little help us what we do. We also have a get together for fourth of July..we bbq but we invite veterans who are alone…need company. Holidays are hard for some…we make goodie bags of things collected over the months..socks..lotion…etc. July is also an awesome time to get goodie boxes to the troops and I send Christmas cards and empty cards that they can send happy birthday to their children..moms.etc..and Christmas cards so they can send them back home. I t is what we can do…those little things add up and bring smiles over the miles. My kids donate time playing games with seniors he found and vets…it’s what you can do. My teens mow now for a few seniors…those little things make a huge difference in people’s lives. Make it a natural thing to give back on a regular basis.It should be a natural thing to give back.

  4. We have given back in our families and our communities. Mostly by volunteering and with adopting families during the holiday. Trying to stay local with what we are able to do.

  5. I am unemployed so don’t have money to give. I give with my rock painting groups by painting little rocks to spread a smile around Ohio. Just making somebody smile during the day is a great thing to give to others

  6. This sounds like it is such a great opportunity to give back and have some fun. I really love doing anything around christmas. each year we adopt a family through church and we get them gifts. outside of that I always love finding other ways to volunteer throughout the year.

  7. We always try to give to Toys for tots and other, smaller organizations when we can. We’ve been poor, so we know how hard it really is

  8. Every year I give to TOYS FOR TOTS. It stared 30 years ago when my husband started his career in the US NAVY. They do wonderful things for children. They throw Christmas parties with Santa Claus giving presents out & so many other activities. They’re amazing! Thank you.

  9. I raised 6 kids and have 15 grandchildren,money has always been tight but I taught my kids to share and give to others .they would give their old toys to goodwill and we donated clothes!Some years was better than others , when we had extra money we would give too back to school programs buying shoes for those in need ! It makes us feel good to help others. In 2012 one of our twin daughters went to heaven ..it has left such a hole in us ..the only thing that helped us was praying and giving to others ..bringing joy to others helped us heal ! Someone out there needs you ..please give, even if it’s just a smile! Thank you

  10. I spray Joy by giving Toys for Tots!,. Every year my husband and I participate in this program in our church. It feels so good to see kids from other countries whose parents cant afford a toy how they get so excited and happy with a toy. I love seeing them smile and it makes us so proud that we can help others have a Merry Christmas!

  11. When I was young, my family was in extreme poverty. My father was in jail, the electricity was shut off, no presents under the tree. It was a bleak time.
    One morning, we woke up and found on the front door a box filled with presents, a turkey, all the fixings and an envelope filled with cash for the electric bill.
    That Christmas was one of the best ones that I remember. I felt blessed to have a present. We never found out who left the box on the stoop. It was a christmas miracle.

    Now that I am out of poverty, every year, my husband and I “adopt” a low income family and provide them what I got as a child. Gifts, presents, and a gift certificate for a meal. I hope that I can do enough for at least one family that they would consider it a christmas miracle, like I did.

  12. I enjoy helping others and the holidays such as Christmas seem especially difficult for so many different reasons. Every year I look forward to making homemade gifts from cooking and crafts to give. It brings us together making them and brings a spark of joy to others when they receive the heartfelt gifts made from our heart. I donate coats and other various winter clothing too to help those in need.

  13. I think the tree idea is awesome my husband proudly served his country in the US Army and he loves and respects the others who served as well

  14. Prior to Christmas, my kids gather the toys they no longer play with and donate them to children who are in the hospital

  15. we give to the red cross each year and we donate old clothes that are still good half the time there new and we donate to toys for tots everyone should be happy at christmas

  16. We give all year with donations of clothing, canned goods, etc and also volunteer at the area food pantry.

  17. I like giving back to our community. The churches here do so much for people when they are going through bad times. They have helped me out with the gift of food when I needed it. I go to many church sponsored events/buy tickets as my way of donating back. I give clothing and household items to one church that has rummage sales for the kids to go to camp.

  18. When I can, I normally do Toys for Tots and take angels from the trees. It is such a great feeling, I just wish I could afford to do it more often!

  19. Last year, my kids and I decided we wanted to give back. Lord knows we’ve been helped a lot over the years. So we saved up all year long (toys, clothes, electronics, even a Christmas tree) and at Christmas time we were able to give a family a Christmas they wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise. It was a beautiful feeling and seeing the happiness on my kids’ faces let me know the lesson hit home. We have another stockpile to do the same this year.

  20. This is amazing, Christmas is mine and my children’s favorite holiday. We always love getting new Christmas stuff!

  21. In July there’s usually charities that collect school supplies for underpriviledged children. I know some of the local radio stations do “stuff the bus” where people drop off new school supplies and try to fill the bus with supplies. I’m a couponer so I tend to find great deals and always buy extra to donate to these causes.

  22. We give to St. Judes, The Heart association, every salvation army kettle we see at Christmas and any way we can

  23. I like to clean out and donate things we don’t use and give to Salvation Army or Goodwill. I also usually chose a name from a wish tree in our local community and to make sure that person or family has a good holiday.

  24. It may sound corny but I believe that the details and the little things that are shared or done together at Christmas are the most important. I love to share and have family in my home to celebrate.

  25. I try to give as much as I can to two of my favorite charities. One is The Anti-Cruelty Society which rescues and helps our animal friends and the other is The Franciscans, St. Anthony’s Guild which helps feed and shelter the homeless. They both do tremendous work for our society.

  26. I purchase diapers when I find them on sale and clearance and donate them to our diaper pantry for low incomes families, We also donate all gently used clothing and shoes.

  27. I love Christmas but have not been able to decorate in nearly 20 years. Severe injuries and lack of an income has seriously hampered my Christmas spirit.

  28. I love Christmas but have not been able to decorate in nearly 20 years. Severe injuries and lack of an income has seriously hampered my Christmas spirit.

  29. Every year my local fire department and food bank will have Santa Clause on a firetruck and visit neighborhoods collecting can goods. We all enjoy giving them the goods while they pass while they throw candy out to us and the kids. We also have an “angel tree” at church where we pick a wish list from a child in need.

  30. My son and I took a day from a cruise in May to donate a day of service while ship was in the Bahamas. We went to the Humane Society and volunteered there bathing dogs. It was quite rewarding and I recommend it for an excursion on your next cruise vacation.

  31. Every holiday season, my kids donate a stocking stuffed w/ little gifts to our local kids charities through their schools.

  32. I really enjoy decorating at Christmas.I prefer a real tree but they mess with my asthma. I’ve seen some really beautiful artificial trees that look real. Merry Christmas in July.

  33. I donate year round, it is addicting for people who enjoy helping others. Everything from donating once or twice a year to Goodwill to donating your time to meals on Wheels and much more is what I love to do!

  34. My dad just passed away on June 28, 2018. He had lympdema in his legs. He had acquired the compression machine and leg wraps for this. We donated this to our local medical clinic so someone who can’t afford to purchase it or doesn’t have insurance that will pay for it can use it. This is over$750 if you have to purchase it on your own. I donate all year round but this is especially important to someone who has health issues.

  35. I can’t say enough good about some of the things your local American Legion helps out with. My sister and her husband ( who is a veteran) have belonged to the Legion for some time helping w/ benefits for those who are in need, making the Santa run for toys for less fortunate and etc. Until my brother in law had a wreck and was in the hospital with a TBI I don’t think I knew how close all of these groups work together. They had a benefit for my sister and her family to help w medical costs as her husband was in a hospital 2 1/2 hours away from July 2, 2015 until Dec 8, 2015. Without the benefit the Legion did I don’t know how she would have done it. She was able to rent an apartment to be there with him for his therapy which was such a vital part of his healing to have familar faces around him. I never thought I would ever see my Mother sitting in the American Legion with over 12 different motorcycle gangs there to help raise money for a fellow rider of the Legion. They may have their differences outside of the Legion but under that roof they are all brothers helping one another and Thank God.

  36. My wife and I love giving back throughout the year, and help alot within our church and community. One special moment that happened last year, was renewing Christmas hope at our church. Every year there is a big tree lighting ceremony where the nativity scene and tree are revealed a few weeks before Christmas Eve mass. Last year the nativity scene and tree were stolen right from infront of the church. It was heartbreaking that someone was dampering our community’s Christmas spirit. My wife and I went to work with others from our parish. We bought a new tree, decorations, garlands, lights and donated our own nativity scene that had been in our family for years. It really brought back the hope and happiness during the holidays. And a Christmas miracle occurred when the original nativity scene statues were returned and left on the church steps, the snowy morning of Christmas day.

  37. Our family has been making shoeboxes for the shoe box ministry for 15 years. It’s a fun thing to do with our kids and it spreads joy to others around the world.

  38. we have always donated to the salvation army for as long as i can remember and it makes me feel good now my daughters are doing the same charitable thing

  39. My husband and I loves to spread joy around by helping those that’s less fortunate than us. We take up a toy drive around November and give it to the area church to help others.

  40. My husband & I adopt as many children as possible each Christmas through the Salvation Army Angel Tree. We provide toys, books & clothes. Last year we adopted 3 children, our daughters adopted an additional 4. It is my favorite part of Christmas.

  41. I donate yearly to a local church thrift store and donate items via the free recycle network, big brother/sister and other organizations

  42. Actually my gift of giving is in the form of working tirelessly for a no-kill animal shelter specializing in kitties. It never really seems like work with the joy of helping a cat or dog to learn to trust and enjoy life again.

  43. I donate as much as I can for the elderly, shameful in this country how little social security many of the older people get, so many I see in the stores who scrape enough money after paying rent just to eat.

  44. I’m a professional dog groomer. On my days off, I groom pups that are up for adoption so they find homes quicker. It’s unbelievable what a little grooming does to get dogs adopted.

  45. i do all I can to donate clothes and needed items to local non profits here in San Diego. I also help organize fundraisers and drives for school supplies for a local school for homeless kids

  46. I support goodwill industries buy donating use things that no longer fit and buy from the store anything that is useful to me

  47. My daughter and I always donate hair for cancer patients. I also donate household items and kids clothes to local shelters.

  48. I’m very low income but I like to think that I do my part by donating to local food pantries in participating in charity events as I can.

  49. I collect toys and school supplies year round! At Christmas I donate to toys for tots! In the fall I donated school supplies to a title one school in the community,the stndents arrive the first day with nothing so I shop sales all year long!

  50. We have given back in our families and our communities. Mostly by volunteering and with adopting families during the holiday. Trying to stay local with what we are able to do

  51. I am always helping others in any way I can. Whether it be to feed them a meal, help them with clothes or blankets or just listen to someone. I do not have much, but I give all I can to those in need. I know what it is like and I will help others always.

  52. I’ve seen a lot of other posts on here, and it’s wonderful to see so many people, much like myself, that not only give and give during Christmas Time, which is always special… but those that also give all year long too! I’m one of those…I give all year long of not only my time and money, I “Give” to the point of total exhaustion. But it’s all well worth it…and it’s what I live for! I was lucky to be able to do one additional thing this year, that I have not done before. I was able to donate 5,ooo lbs. of food, (ERV:$9,000) to a local community food bank in my community! Helping out, is just a part of me every single day & I feel so blessed to be but one… of all the “Givers” that are here ! I know I am blessed, and this extra one just put me over the moon! Anytime I can “Give”… is always such a beautiful blessing!!

  53. Every year I involved my kids with our local gift giving and wrapping program for needy families during the holidays. We would be assigned a family with a shopping wish list. We bought their gifts and then attended a wrapping session. This was an opporunity for my kids to give back but also realize that there are families in our own backyard that need help.

  54. My dad served in WWII and my oldest son served in the Marine Corp for over 10 years and did 3 tours in Iraq. Although he came home intact I give to organizations for disabled veterans. I applaud you on what you are doing for the American Legion

  55. When my grandsons were born I decided that I wanted them to learn about giving. We saved our change for the year then turned it in before Christmas. The boys chose names of foster kids then went to the store and bought presents specifically for them. It became a tradition every year to do this. They never met the kids but felt good about being able to save the money then choose what that person wanted from their list.

  56. Our family tries to give to those in need year round. We provide care bags for the homeless, donate to food pantries and animal shelters and rescue locations.

  57. Making an angel tree for the residents at my mom’s nursing home. The focus is rightly on the children, but the elderly get a kick out of Christmas also. And most of their requests are so simple…socks, robes, shirts,etc. Please connect with a rehab or nursing home in your area and bring smiles to the elderly also. Having school choirs visit to sing carols is also a great blessing to all parties!

  58. Last year we found a family with five children and wrapped a package for each of them and their parents and secretly left for them.

  59. My Partner & I donate items to the Women’s Shelter every month. We also help needy families in our area with food, clothing and games for the kids.

  60. I went to see my great aunt one afternoon and asked if there was anything I could do for her since she was widowed. She said the yard need to be raked and I said ok. As I was raking one of her sons and his family came over
    and I was able to have dinner with them . I went over to bless my Aunt and I ended up getting a blessing.

  61. I donate to a couple animal charities throughout the year when I have a few extra bucks, I donate clothing a couple times a year, I donate food for local food drives, I try to be a good listener and advisor to my friends and family as needed! One year I even gave my tree and all my ornaments away to a family that had children and needed to give them a nice Christmas….I would like to say when I give….the Lord always gives me more back than I started with…

  62. When I was 20 and in college 900 miles from home I was desperately homesick. I was working as a waitress where one of my neighbors would come in daily. He was a sad lonely older gentleman who I knew lived alone and had no contact with his family. For Christmas I baked several dozen cookies in honor of my mother who had passed recently to help sooth my own loneliness. I gave them out to all my neighbors. When I brought him some, he started crying and said “thank you so much”. That was my first true experience of how the spirit of giving can warm your heart like nothing else. To this day, I remember and try to repeat that feeling as often and any way I can.

  63. I love to put items on people’s porch and ring the door bell and run. They receive baked goods, new clothes, etc to brighten their days and lighten their loads.

  64. We donate every year to our local food and clothing pantry and Christmas gifts to our church so they can give them to others in need.

  65. I will never forget my 1st year of teaching. I had been struggling for 2 1/2 years after college graduation, unable to find a job. I was so grateful to have a job, that I really went overboard giving all my 15 special education students a nice present each. I bought a huge burlap Christmas bag from the Dollar Tree (back in the early 90’s, a nice size) and stuffed it FULL of goodies. Candy, crayons, coloring books, toys, you name it! The kids had a blast taking their bags home for the holidays. Most came from impoverished homes. I still smile when I think back to that first classroom and that first teaching job.

  66. I volunteer at my local cat rescue shelter and often bring much needed supplies with me. I also purchase gifts for needy children at Christmas time.

  67. I donate clothes diapers and good all the time to the thrift store and to family also…caring is sharing

  68. I like to give my coworkers a small gift each Christmas. Since I have about 35 gifts to give, I enjoy the challenge of finding something very special for each person, but also affordable for me.

  69. Christmas in July…our state has been hit with tornadoes and flooding this July…Many people have lost everything….but…Being in Iowa…people have opened their hearts & their homes to those that have lost everything…The true meaning of Christmas is giving..no matter what month the calendar says it is…

  70. We always donate schools, local pantry and scouting. At our holiday party we usually have everyone bring a personal care item. We make a box and drop it at the pantry.

  71. My family gives to the homeless and a few charities throughout the year. We try to make larger donations during the holidays. We also like to give clothing, appliances, & furniture to St. Vincent De Paul.

  72. I don’t like patting myself on the back for a good deed, but I want to enter your giveaway. Yesterday I was in line at the cashier at the grocery store. A young Mom with 2 small children was in front of me. She had a few items for her kids to have lunch and breakfast. Her food stamp card wouldn’t go through, and the cashier told her to call them. She was almost in tears, so I told the cashier just to add her items to my bill. She was so thankful that she hugged me with tears in her eyes. When she left with her groceries, the cashier told me that she also had a sick child at home. But my greatest work is all the cats I take care of. I shelter elderly cats. I have 12 at the moment. I also tend to some feral cat colonies. And I do take canned cat food donations. Most of the old cats have no teeth. (jozywails@gmail.com)

  73. As soon as my girls could understand Christmas is about giving, we would find a local Giving Tree, They got to pick one person from the tree and shop for them. Then they would wrap the gifts and give them to the charity. It’s a family tradition.

  74. For the last few years, I dedicate a day to pack toys at my local Sally Ann. This is seriously hard work as the bundles that we pack for each girl and boy can be very heavy with all of the generous donations of toys and clothes. I also “man” a kettle for a day and my daughters LOVE to come with me, sip hot chocolate and “ring the bell”. This is so much fun and we know that we are making a difference in people’s lives at what can be the darkest part of the year for many people.

  75. I teach my kids to give back. We volunteer at the homeless shelter two weekends a month. My kids get to interact with the homeless, feed them, listen to their stories and even teach them computer skills. My kids have learned that the homeless are human too.

  76. I love to give of my time…doing grocery shopping for those who can’t and yard work!!! Also will grab the order behind me once in a while in the coffee lane!

  77. I volunteer at a soup kitchen and it is so fun because I like all things food and I love seeing the people that come in and see their perspective on life. Love the volunteers as well – we become a tight knit group of friends.

  78. I helped my elderly neighbor everyday providing meals and little things she needed help with. She celebrated Christmas with me and my family. I loved watching her open her gifts. She recently passed away. I miss her dearly but im thankful to have been able to help take care of her and for the loving friendship.

  79. Twice a yearI go thru everything in my home and donate to the local womans shelter. It helps women who leave abusive relationships get back om their feet. Anything from clothes to glasses to hba stuff

  80. I volunteered at a Kickball tournament to raise money for local children with cancer. I donate to United Way and clothes to the local charity to give women professional clothes and helps them prepare for interviews

  81. My wife and I donate when ever we can, we give to food banks and clothing drives. But we also help out our neighbors when ever possible and our community with volunteering. Paying it forward and giving back, everyone should do.

  82. I spread the joy at Christmas by making jams and jellies all year from my garden and distributing them to everyone at Christmas. I also bake and donate good to the shelters. I am older but I still help anytime I can.

  83. My grandfather is a WW2 veteran and we are involved with our communities programs that benefit their needs. Not all of them have support from their family, so we volunteer with making sure they have their needs met. My mother and I also work with AMVETS for collections donations for veteran’s programs.

  84. back in 2013 i started a business . that would clean up after any kind of yard sale , tag sale etc, i would come pick up the items for free, resell them , reuse them and donate to those that needed them, then in 2015 we lost our home and business after we did a lease to own on a house we were going to fix up and use as emergency housing to those that needed a second chance in life, but we ended up homeless instead when the home was condemned, we lived in a car collecting cans off the road, to save for a home, we even came up with our #Cans4Home challenge, to either donate to our fundraiser or to donate cans, and then challenge someone to do the, same, we were also trying to show the world, that you could buy a home with cans, and imagine how many you could buy for people that needed them, i also ended up living in a car delivering 10 different newspapers saving for a home , one time when i was homeless i stayed in a motel, and over heard the guy next store down on his luck, he didnt have money to pay for his room so i payed for his room, i know how it is to be without, i love helping people, but i have also been screwed over many times, I also hate it, that when ever i need help no one would help me, they rather see me suffer, or always come up with some excuse, why they cant help, me if i got it i will help you.

  85. My mom always made us,get rid of stuff in our,room before the Christmas holiday season. It was a good time too, some our clothes were too small or we were over certain toys.. Holidays were always decorative, I loved that.

  86. My giving to others started when I was very young & my parents taught me to share with others. I now donate canned goods to our local women’s shelter as well as used clothing & toys.

  87. The food pantry I volunteer at always does a huge Christmas party for the community,with toys, Santa and groceries. They do a mini one in the fall before back to school each year and it’s a huge hit.

  88. We do a lot of donating. We were once so bad off we were homeless with our kids, so, we know what it is like to be good people in a bad situation. That has helped us to learn the importance of giving and we teach our kids this as well. We never sell anything, we give it away to someone who needs it. We donate to food shelves and we donate to United Way weekly out of my husband’s check. We have done habitat for humanity -helping building houses for people who need them and a lot of other ways. The best part of living a giving lifestyle is when your child sees a homeless man out in the cold and insists we pick him up something warm to eat and drink to warm him up. In this life we all need a hand sometimes. I have been helped by the kindest strangers and in turn, I want to help others when I can.

  89. I think I would have been skeptical at first too, but the results were amazing! Love it! SO many people think about giving over the holidays but the need is there all year long. July is a time I like to collect donations and volunteer my time at our local food pantry.

  90. I always give to help others. I don’t have much because i am disabled, but i give in little amounts and give my time when i can. I have always given to help others and i have had to get help from others if everyone would give a little this world would be a better place.

  91. I have known struggle in life, and it makes me appreciate things that much more. When I have the extra means to give, I don’t hesitate. I will give to the homeless, put money towards people’s purchases, and my door is always open to my grown 19 year old daughter when she ever needs help getting on her feet.

  92. When I was blogging, I would get all kinds of toys that I would donate to churches at Christmas for the less fortunate kids, so they could enjoy their Christmas a little bit more.

  93. We donate throughout the year with clothes, quilts, pillowcases I make and prizes that I win. During the holidays like Easter and Christmas, we donate gifts for kids less fortunate. I like to donate my time to help teach classes for kids and older adults in the community through Church and other projects. I myself have medical disabilities and can’t do as much as I use to. But I enjoy it so much when I can get out and share the talents that I was blessed with.

  94. A rainy cold Christmas Eve many years ago, we had opened our gifts and had dinner, dishes were done and leftovers were put away, when a knock on the door was heard,, My mom answered it to a old man with looks of somewhere around 80 years of age, he had long gray hair and hadnt shaved in weeks, he was soaked to the bone, his clothes were old and he was thin and frail, He asked for our help.

    He told us he was trying to get home for Christmas to see his family, He could not tell us where he lived and he had no idea of where he was even at, he just wanted to get home. So my mom with her caring heart ask his name, and to this day I cant remember what he told her, but she got right on the phone and was calling around to people that she worked with, that had the same last name.

    She finally found someone that knew him it was a nephew of his if I can remember correctly, and so they made plans to meet so the man could be with his family.

    while waiting for mom to find his family we offered him food and he ate a turkey sandwich and drank a cup of coffee, he said he hadnt eat in days that he had been walking just trying to find his famiy, I felt so sad for this man he ask not for gifts or anything special just to be with his family on this grand day of the year.

    Later my dad took him to meet with his family and he was so happy just to be with them..Ya know I think back to that day and how we all helped him and wonder what people would do now a days if a stranger came to their door and ask for food or drink would you offer? My mom did and later that night she was all smiles as I really think in her heart she knew she was being tested as this man had not been with his famiy in many many years, he had been in a hospital for the very sick and it was like his family had just forgotten about him, But he had not forgotten about them.

    I know this story is kinda random and is poorly worked but it has been on my mind. I hope you enjoyed reading it..As it brings back fond memories of what a wonderful person my mom was and how much she is missed..Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas in July.

  95. I have bags that I put together and give to homeless on the streets with water, food and basic necessities.

  96. I believe in giving all year long, not just on the holidays. I carry blessing bags in my car & hand them out to homeless people I come across on the street. I also donate to the local food pantry often.

  97. I’m always donating at stores, people on the street, other family members, to the less fortunate, volunteering where I can. My girls donate their birthday money to the cause of their choice. They want to do it, I don’t require it. They also pick a name from our local tree for Christmas in July. Always have loved doing for others.

  98. I stop and give to our local homeless people when I see them,. Acouple of weeks ago I stopped to give a senior man a cup of hot cocoa and some donuts and spare change rhat i seen sleeping on a park bench at 5am and it was a little chilly outside.

  99. My husband and I donate toys each year at Christmas time for children and teens to our local radio stations toy drive. So this year/month with Toys R Us going out of business, we added many more toys to the collection, we filled many carts of toys for young and teen boys and girls, on more than one occasion to donate to families in need. Thank you for this chance.

  100. My wife and I picked up several toys to donate to kids in need when Toys R Us was doing their going out of business sale to add to our toy collection that we already have. Each year we pick up toys for kids and teens when we see them on sale so that way there is more to donate. We also donate food, clothing, water, etc. Even though we have very little, we know others have it so much worse and each of us can be in this situation. A little help goes a long way. #PayItForward

  101. We are huge supporters of our local children’s hospital. They took really good care of my daughter when she was little that we do what we can with toys and games around the holidays!

  102. I mainly help the homeless whenever I get the chance and donate toys for tots. One of the most touching moments donating and helping someone in need was a couple years ago. I had just returned from the store with some new blankets for my house and headed to the laundry mat to wash them. A man down on his luck had walked in and asked if we had any spare change. I immediately handed him some cash and told him I wish I could do more. The look on his face was that of deep sorrow and appreciation. I offered him a seat and asked if he would like to chat as our blankets were being washed. He sat with my husband and I, we had a nice long conversation and really got to know him better. He told me about sleeping on the streets and how it did get cold at times but he used newspapers etc. to keep warm. He basically told us everything about his life. We went to the snack machine, bought some sodas and snacks. We hung out with this man for two hours just talking as the blankets were being washed and dried. After they were finished we both exchanged parting words of enjoyment from our brief but informative time together. When my husband and I were about to walk out of the door, I turned around and said to him, I would love for you to have these blankets to keep you warm at night and to remind you that there are kind people in this world. I have never seen a grown man break into tears before, but he did and he gave me a hug and thanked me. It’s a memory I will never forget and it still brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could have done so much more.

  103. I love buying things through out the year that are on sale or deep discounts and holding in a closet until Christmas time. About a month before Christmas I start being things out and posting online for these items to be given to those who cannot afford a nice gift for their child/ren. I remember a few sad and rough Christmas’s as a child and I want to do nunnery to see that every child has at least one thing under their tree.

  104. Food bank, local pet shelter and I have helped out families with Christmas and Thanksgiving food and gifts. Giving back is wonderful!!

  105. I love to spread joy I love to help at soup kitchen during the holidays and also bring scarfs ,hats and mittens that I have purchased over the year. I wish I could do more

  106. My family feeds the homeless through Loaves and Fishes. Everyone is always so grateful for a nice warm meal when their bellies are empty!

  107. I found that cookies or other home baked goodies can really brighten the day for the elderly and shut-ins. This is especially true during the holidays. It is such a joy to present a little baked item and see the immediate joy on their face.

  108. To me, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. I love to experience the holiday with all my senses. I love the scents of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. I love the sounds of Christmas carols being sung by the piano. The Christmas lights provide beauty for the eyes. The colors, scents, and sounds of the season are truly what I love to enjoy every year. But as wonderful as these pleasures are, my favorite part of the holiday is bringing joy to others.

    I love to give gifts to people. I give to friends and family. I give to my local mail, UPS, and Fedex carriers. I give to restaurant employees. I try to give all those who bless my life. But I also give to the needy and to strangers. It hurts my heart to believe that there are those who in the world who cannot afford to make Christmas special for the children of the family. A child should not go without food. And children should experience the love of Christmas. I believe every child should receive gifts at Christmas.

    So every year around Thanksgiving, I go on a mission. First, I donate a huge bag of canned goods to the local Boy Scout food drive. My goal is to make the bag as heavy as can be without the bag breaking. We want to avoid disasters, so no breaking bags are allowed. Just kidding!

    My other mission is to purchase loads and loads of toys. Then my mother and I actively look for the empty toy donation boxes. There is usually one or two locations, usually the Dollar General, where the boxes are overflowing with toys. But we love to search for the ones that do not have any toys in them. Usually the gas station, grocery store, and other obscure locations. I particularly love the Toys for Tots charity. The Marine Corps has a special place in my heart. My dad was a Marine. He was the type of Marine who considered his fellow Marines to be his brothers. November 10th was an important day in my household. It was the Marine Corps birthday. I can still remember my Dad calling all his Marine Corp friends and wishing them Happy Birthday on November 10th. Semper Fi, Dad! I will miss you.

    But I digress. We find the emptiest boxes in town, and we fill them to the very top with toys. Lots and lots of toys. We buy the toys from Walmart, Disney Store, and even QVC. I like to close my eyes and imagine the children being surprised on Christmas morning with a gift. This happy vision fills me with love and joy at the holiday spirit. Isn’t the holiday spirit a wonderful feeling?

    And last, I buy lots of pet toys and pet food and treats for the local animal shelter. I think the doggies and kitties deserve to be remembered at Christmas.

    May my story inspire those to experience the holiday spirit and joy of the holiday season this year! God bless and Merry Christmas in July!

  109. My school age grandchildren live with me and their classes usually adopt another child to help out during the holidays. We try to buy at least one item on each childs list. Then they also do a glove, mitten and hat drive. And a blanket drive to give to the homeless. Plus a canned food drive. Besides helping others out during the holidays, I think it teaches the grandchildren to have empathy for others.

  110. We love donating to the homeless any clothes and goodie bags with personal hygiene products we can

  111. Give my services and time for State and overseas Dental Missions every year. Been involved many years with Mission of Mercy and go to Haiti for 9 days every year to donate my talent/of cleaning teeth to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

  112. My family and I contribute to our local homeless shelter year round and we also donate our time. At one time I was in the same position as these folks and some kind people helped me out so i intend to help out as much as I can.

  113. Years ago I met an elderly man that had just lost his only family, his 100 year old mother. It was days before Christmas and he had nobody. I invited him to join my family that year,and was very happy when he arrived at 7 am Christmas morning. During that visit we discussed his time in the army and he told us how many of his veteran friends in VA hospitals also had nobody on the holidays . They received no cards,no gifts,and no visitors to share the joy with. We all decided to pack up our Christmas cookies,fill out some cards,and visit our local VA hospital right then. Our gifts could wait. The 5 of us went and spent the whole afternoon listening to stories,giving cookies and hugs,and left with new friends for life. Each year since we all put aside a little bit of money-we don’t have much-and make sure to make that visit ,giving out handmade gifts,cards,and mostly our time. The elderly man who started it all has passed,but we think of him often ,and just how much he changed our way of thinking during the holidays. I’m forever grateful for the 5 Christmas ‘s we had with him,and the many more we will with the veterans.

  114. When we were small my parents whom are both gone now use to make Christmas so fun for us kids. We never had a lot of money growing up but we had love. My dad was a coal miner in the hills of Ky and Wv. Worked all his life for his family so I have some awesome Christmas memories that I’ll cherish and tell my grandkids about when there older ! Thanks so much for this chance.

  115. Hello,

    My evolution of giving began when I was in the womb. My family is one of the most generous. We even make it a point to be generous to one another and remember that we are all equal. As a person with high standards I remember my mother saying “Only give what you are proud to give..”! That stuck with me forever. Whenever I donate I give things that someone would be happy to get and it makes me proud. Also, as a family we always give gifts to people around us. A gift makes everyone happy! Remember you never know what someone is going through so be kind and always give.

  116. I donate to each hat,glove, and scarf drive I see. I wish I could do more, but I also know the gift of warmth is priceless.

  117. I have 3 sons, 2 are in the USAF. When my sons were deployed, I sent care packages to them and extras to their fellow soldier who weren’t getting mail or packages. I also went by local convenience stores and gas stations and collected magazines they were tossing out – I sent some in the care packages and took the rest to my local airport to donate to the USO office. My community has been happy to donate & we all appreciate our military personnel .

  118. My husband is a 100% permanent and total disabled vet and every year the company I work for collects food, clothing and toys for our local VFW charity, Last year we collected so much that it took 5 large vehicles to bring everything to the VFW for distribution to less fortunate families of other disabled vets! It was heart warming to know that with very little effort, we helped over 100 kids have toys and clothing and Christmas dinner! We now know what we can do with little effort and this year, we are making a bigger effort and our goal is to help 300 families! Everyone, no matter your situation, can use help and can offer help in some way.

  119. I try to make donations at least monthly to the local shelter, we bring food and household/hygiene supplies every trip. This last trip we were able to also drop off some toys for kids and some movies and books for adults. It feels nice being able to help out others. I love it and love how much my kids enjoy helping out with it!

  120. I fulfilled three wishes for foster children this month via OneSimpleWish.org. Will continue to do so monthly.

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