[VIDEO] 6 Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Garlands

Christmas garland decorating ideasJust like Christmas trees, garlands are an essential part of classic holiday decorating. Whether unadorned or decorated with bows and ornaments, Christmas garlands bring a touch of nature into your home. These can be displayed in many ways to add charm to different spaces. Watch how Jennifer Lutz hangs garlands throughout her home, and try our favorite garland decorating ideas below.


1. Create a warm welcome on doorways

matching wreath and garland on the front door
Alli of An Alli Event decorated her front door with the Christmas Classics wreath and garland

A garland bordering the front door is an especially inviting sight for your guests. To easily hang your garland, install screw-eyes around the door frame, then thread wire through each to help secure the garland. You can also use a doorway garland hanger, which adjusts to your door’s width and can be used for both indoor and outdoor frames. Pair your garland with a wreath to complete the look. For more details on decorating the front door, read this step-by-step guide by Rhoda of Southern Hospitality.

To create a grand display, choose a longer and wider garland, or consider hanging multiple garlands parallel to one another. Also explore using swags to complement your décor.

2. Highlight arches or other openings

Garlands can help mark the transitions between interior spaces. Frame your entryways with Christmas greenery, and add fairy lights to create a cozy ambience come evenings. To save your walls from holes, use command hooks. These stick to almost any surface and can be removed neatly.

3. Line handrails or balustrades

Line the balustrades or handrails
Photo courtesy of Down to Earth

Draw eyes upward by tying a Christmas garland to the handrail using yarn, string, or wire. To highlight your foyer, weave your garland through the balusters, or tie several segments to the handrail for a draped effect.

Alternatively, attach the garland at the base of the balusters along the length of the staircase to leave the handrail free. Add ribbons that match your decorating theme for a touch of color and fun.

4. Add a cozy touch to the fireplace mantel

 fireplace mantel
Kelly of My Soulful Home draped our 9-foot Alaskan Spruce garland over her fireplace mantel to add a “farmhouse glam” appeal to her home

Mantel swags are not the only greenery that can go with the fireplace. A garland draped across the entire mantel brings a refreshing touch to your living room. Again, command hooks come in handy for holding your garland in place without damaging your surfaces.

For a lovely accent, clip some of your favorite ornaments on the garland’s tips. Don’t forget to match your mantel with your tree and use coordinated colors for a unified look.

5. Dress up columns

Make your columns stand out by wrapping Christmas garlands around them, letting some areas of the pillars show through. Complete the holiday look with ribbons or small lights to accentuate your foliage.

You can also opt to cover your columns entirely with garlands. To extend your garlands, attach several pieces together. Top off your decorated columns with a huge red ribbon for a bright accent.

6. Draw attention to the ceiling

Garlands add unexpected charm to your porch or indoor ceilings. Hang your garlands using wire or yarn, then stretch out the foliage to form a straight line tracing your ceiling. For a more playful style, let your garlands hang loose with some parts draping down.

We hope these ideas inspire you to explore different ways of decorating with garlands. Shop your favorite Christmas garlands from the comfort of your home at Tree Classics, and create a heartwarming display for the season. Use coupon code TCWG10 upon checkout to get an additional 10% off on wreath and garland purchases. Valid until October 31, 2019.

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