Celebrating National Grandparents Day the Tree Classics Way

Celebrating National Grandparents Day the Tree Classics Way

As a high school and college student, I worked and volunteered both at a retirement home and a skilled nursing facility—mostly serving meals, playing games, and reading to residents. I’ve always loved spending time with who I consider older, wiser adults. When my grandmother was alive, I would pepper her with questions about growing up during the Great Depression, meeting my grandfather, and corresponding with her five brothers who served in WWII. How I miss those chats!

Needless to say, when Tree Classics asked me to help celebrate National Grandparents Day by donating an unlit 7.5’ Kennedy Fir, lights, festive red and white Winter Delight ornaments, and a Buttoned Up Quilt tree skirt to my local skilled nursing facility, I was excited! I immediately thought of the Hillsdale Medical Care Facility, which houses short- and long-term residents.

Sharing Love and Cheer

Decking the hall of Hillsdale Medical Care

If we’re honest, while Christmas is a beautiful season, it can also be lonely for those separated from loved ones or no longer living on their own. My grandmother often said that aging was so difficult because people stop really seeing you and engaging with you. With this in mind, my 9-year-old daughter and I headed to the Medical Care Facility, and celebrated Christmas over Labor Day. We brought frosted sugar cookies, coffee, and Christmas music, and decked the halls a little early.

Celebrating National Granparents Day at Hillsdale Medical Care

I won’t lie, initially there were a few skeptics. A number of people walked by and said, “Ugh, Christmas already!” But as soon as we cranked up the holiday music and began chatting with residents about favorite Christmas memories and traditions, people got excited. By the end of the afternoon, they proposed keeping the tree up until December and decorating for each season, beginning with fall. What a joy and privilege to spend the afternoon with these folks and spread a bit of early Christmas cheer!

Sharing the love and cookies on Grandparents Day

Notes About the Tree and Ornament Set

Tree Classics' Kennedy Fir decorated with Winter Delight Ornament set

We gifted a 7.5’ Kennedy fir, one of my favorites because of its true-to-life branches. It also has a narrow foot print, so it’s perfect for a small space. The Winter Delight ornament set is also a favorite—I used it on my own Christmas tree last year. The red and white color palette feels festive and classic, don’t you think?

How will you celebrate National Grandparents Day with your loved ones? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

*Photos courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert Photography

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