How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree Online

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

With so many Christmas trees in the market, it can be hard to pick one that’s right for you. To help with your search, we’ve compiled the top questions people ask on how to choose the perfect Christmas tree. Read on for useful tips to guide you in buying your new tree online.

1. What’s the best location for my Christmas tree?
2. How tall should my Christmas tree be?
3. How wide should my Christmas tree be?
4. What kind of artificial Christmas tree should I get?
5. What should the tip count be?
6. What accessories will my tree need?
7. What other factors should I consider when buying online?
8. Where should I buy my Christmas tree?

1. What’s the best location for my Christmas tree?

Decorated Alpine White Christmas Tree
Highlight a bright alcove with a charming white Christmas tree (Photo courtesy of Designthusiasm)

Determine where you want to place your tree to identify the right tree size to buy. Choose rooms often used for gatherings, such as foyers, living rooms, or even the dining area. Make sure there’s plenty of space around the tree so that it doesn’t block passageways. For more safety advice, check this post.

2. How tall should my Christmas tree be?

12' Classic Fraser Fir artificial Christmas tree in a living room
Complement a grand living room with our 12′ Classic Fraser Fir Christmas Tree (Photo courtesy of Bower Power)

Measure the distance between your ceiling and floor, and go for a tree that’s at least a foot lower than your ceiling. Many homes have ceilings 8 to 9 feet high, which makes 7 ½-foot trees a popular choice. A 12-foot Christmas tree complements rooms with high ceilings, while a 4-foot tree suits smaller spaces.

EXPERT TIP: Factor in the height of your tree topper and decorative tree stand, if any.

3. How wide should my Christmas tree be?

Narrow Clifton Pine Christmas tree in bedroom
Shirley of Housepitality Designs adds wintry charm to this little corner of her master bedroom with our narrow Clifton Pine tree

Aside from your ceiling height, measure your floor area as well. Allot at least a foot of distance between the walls and the widest point of your tree. Don’t worry if your space is limited—there are Christmas tree shapes to fit any home, from traditional full trees to slim space-savers.

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4. What kind of artificial Christmas tree should I get?

PVC vs PE Christmas tree foliage
A close-up look at the difference between PVC and PE foliage

Affordable PVC trees feature flat needles layered together to create a lush appearance. On the other hand, realistic PE trees mimic the look and feel of natural evergreen needles. If you’re looking for a lifelike artificial Christmas tree at an affordable price, consider a PE tree with PVC needles for added fullness. 

EXPERT TIP: When buying an artificial Christmas tree online, check the foliage composition to get a better idea of its realism level. Learn more about the difference between PE and PVC trees.

5. What should the tip count be?

Artificial Christmas tree foliage

The tip count refers to the number of branch tips an artificial Christmas tree has. This affects the fullness of your tree and varies based on tree height and shape. Note that some trees are designed with fewer branch tips to create a sparse look.

EXPERT TIP: Consider the tree height when looking at the tip count. Between a 7-foot tree and 10-foot tree with the same tip count, the 7-foot one will be fuller.

6. What accessories will my tree need?

Child decorating tree with ornaments
Adding the finishing touches to a 7.5′ Kennedy Fir tree (Photo courtesy of Jen Lutz and Rachel Cuthbert Photography)

If your tree doesn’t come with a stand, get a sturdy one to keep it from falling over. Also consider buying Christmas lights to add life to your display. You can string them yourself or save time by buying a pre-lit tree instead. Discover the pros and cons of unlit and pre-lit Christmas trees in this video post.

EXPERT TIP: If you plan to hang your own lights, prioritize safety and go for UL Listed lights. Start with 100 lights per foot of tree and increase for more brightness.

7. What other factors should I consider when buying online?

Patriotic-themed white Christmas tree
Get big discounts on your tree and décor during our Christmas in July sale

For a smooth shopping experience, make sure to review the following before you buy a tree online:

a) Ease of Set-Up

Consider artificial Christmas trees with features that minimize the time and effort you spend in assembly and storage. At Tree Classics, we offer Snap Trees™ that roll into place and set up in a snap. Meanwhile, our Quickset Trees™ powers through the pole and light up with a single plug.

b) Inclusions

Note the accessories that come with the tree package. We ship our trees with a tree stand, cotton gloves for fluffing, and a storage bag. For pre-lit Christmas trees, we also include extra bulbs and fuses.

c) Price, Discounts, and Offers

Check for promo codes that you can use upon checkout. To enjoy great prices on your new Christmas tree, consider these best times to buy. We also recommend you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for updates on discounts and exclusive offers.

d) Policy

Always read the return and shipping policies for online purchases. Along with this, don’t forget to take a look at the return period and warranty coverage.

8. Where should I buy my Christmas tree?

Decorated artificial Christmas tree
Our Majestic Blue Spruce decorated by Jen Lutz

With Tree Classics, you can easily shop for artificial Christmas trees and other holiday decorations from the comfort of your home. Visit our website to browse our variety of tree types, shapes, and sizes. Once you’ve made your choice, simply wait for your new tree to arrive at your doorstep.

Shop Tree Classics

We hope these tips point you to the perfect Christmas tree for your holiday gatherings. Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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