How to Decorate a Woodland Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Woodland Christmas Tree

Part of what makes the holiday season so special is the beauty of the outdoors. The snow-capped trees, the winter berries, the evergreen foliage—all these add to the magic of Christmastime. Here’s how you can bring this charming ambience into your home with your own woodland Christmas tree.

1. Choose the Right Ornaments

Select nature-inspired designs, such as the birds, berries, and acorns from our Woodland Ornament Collection. Wooden ornaments and accents in neutral hues also help add warmth to your Christmas tree. For more variety, combine these with colorful balls and finials.

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2. Crown Your Tree with a Topper

Bethlehem Star Tree Topper
Our Bethlehem Star Tree Topper is handcrafted from capiz shells and metal with clear lights for a warm glow

To match the woodland theme, try creating your own tree topper. Use materials like sticks, twine, burlap, and artificial berries. If you’re short on time, simply buy a topper instead. Opt for one featuring organic elements, such as our Bethlehem Star Tree Topper made of capiz shells.

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3. Hang Your Christmas Tree Ornaments

Consider how many ornaments you have and how far apart you should space them to maximize coverage. Place big, colorful pieces closer to the center of your tree, and detailed figures and festive picks near branch tips to give your tree more depth. Also experiment with patterned ribbons and beaded garlands as unique accents.

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4. Add the Finishing Touches

Dress the foot of your tree with a tree skirt to complete your display. Use our Shimmering Snow Tree Skirt to add wintry charm, or the Rustic Plaid Tree Skirt for an outdoorsy yet cozy feel. Finally, make your tree smell like a real evergreen with your holiday scent of choice. 

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Easily create a beautiful woodland Christmas tree with the right decorations. Browse our collection of ornaments, tree toppers, and accessories for your holiday home. 

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