12 Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Home

12 Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Home

With Christmas just days away, many of us are busy preparing our home for celebrations. I’m excited to share 12 tree trimming and Christmas decorating tips that will help make the work easy, fun, and memorable.

1. Start with Your Favorite Tree

Artificial Christmas tree in living room
Setting up the Deluxe Noble Fir Snap Tree

Whether you have an artificial Christmas tree or a real one, don’t forget to measure its width and choose a spot with space around it. You’ll also want to check your ceiling height for clearance. If you plan to add a tree topper, allot a foot or more between the top of your tree and the ceiling.

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2. Fluff Your Tree

Fluffing tree branches
Fluffing your tree creates a fuller look

Work on the bottom section of your tree first, then move upward. Fluff the branches from the inside out, making sure that gaps are filled. Depending on your tree’s size, fluffing can take some time, so make it a party. For more tips, watch our step-by-step video here.

3. Pick Your Theme

Three Christmas tree decorating themes
Elegant Metallic, Rustic Red & Green, and Wintry Woodland—what’s your favorite? (Photos courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert)

Choose the look you’re going for before you start trimming the tree. If you plan to use different kids’ ornaments and family heirlooms, you can tie everything together with coordinated bulb sets and some of your favorite ribbon. 

4. Decorate with Ribbon

Adding ribbons to a Christmas tree
Try layering ribbons for a unique look

If you decide to use ribbon, my advice is that you place it on your tree before adding ornaments. Doing otherwise takes more careful maneuvering and rehanging ornaments. You can create a cascade effect by weaving the ribbon in and out of your tree, and wiring it with green pipe cleaners or green floral wire.

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5. Hang Oversized Ornaments

Assorted Christmas balls on tree
Play with different sizes of ornaments (Photos courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert)

Pick a dozen large ornaments to create drama. After a decade of professional tree trimming and watching well-known designers do their thing, I’ve learned that oversized ornaments make a festive statement on your tree.

6. Fill in Your Tree

Decorating a woodland-themed Christmas tree
Combining woodland-themed ornaments with red berry picks (Photo courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert)

Now it’s time to hang the rest of your decorations. These can be from an ornament set or your own heirlooms and DIY pieces. Place some ornaments in the back of the tree to fill holes and create dimension. For more color and sparkle, you can also add tree picks to your display.

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7. Match a Tree Skirt to Your Theme

Christmas tree skirt with presents
Hide the base of your tree and give your gifts a nice backdrop (Photo courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert)

Don’t forget the bottom of your tree. For a fuller look, add batting or even a bathroom towel underneath the tree skirt. You can also coordinate your gift wrappers and ribbons with the colors of your decorations.

8. Crown Your Tree

Angel tree topper
Make sure your tree’s dressed from head to toe

To complete your display, add a tree topper. There are many options to choose from, whether it’s a traditional star, a graceful angel, or your own handmade bow. Check that it’s securely attached, then stand back and enjoy your creation.

9. Fill the Air with Christmas Scents

Christmas scents and diffuser

There’s something nostalgic about the smell of pine, don’t you think? With fragrance oils, you can bring your favorite holiday scents into your home. These make your artificial tree smell real, and help create a warm ambience for celebrations.

10. Dress the Mantel

I love a beautiful garland. I hang mine with command strips and twine, and I like to tie in whatever theme I used on my tree. The first two mantels feature the Woodlands Noble Fir Wreath & Garland, which has pinecones, berries, and leaf accents. Meanwhile, I used the new Christmas Morning Frost pair to match the wintry woodland theme in my family room.

11. Prepare to Entertain

Dinner table with Christmas decorations
Try matching your tablescape with your tree decorations (Photo courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert)

Dress the table and stock up for guests. Entertaining can feel overwhelming, but sharing the holidays with loved ones makes it more memorable. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Keep your cheese drawer filled with your favorite cheeses, have crackers in the pantry, some LaCroix or wine, and you’re ready for a party.

12. Add Little Touches of Christmas

It can be as simple as pinecones or ornaments on a bookshelf. Cut some evergreen branches to drape on a chandelier, or hang a wreath on a window and garland from a doorway. Even milk and cookies for Santa add to your décor.

BONUS: Create Traditions

Kids in front of the Christmas tree
Picture-perfect moments with family (Photo courtesy of Rachel Cuthbert)

Whether it’s a tree-trimming party, celebrating advent, reading your favorite Christmas books together, or a family breakfast and shopping trip—create memories. I know it feels impossible to add one more thing to the holiday schedule, but what fun is all the decorating, shopping, baking if we’re not creating memories with people we love?

I hope these Christmas decorating tips help you create a memorable holiday with your loved ones. Wishing everyone a blessed and very Merry Christmas!

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