Brighten Up the Season with LED Christmas Trees

Child standing in front of a lit-up white Christmas tree

A Christmas tree aglow with lights makes the holiday extra magical, but incandescent-lit trees can run up your electricity bill over time. LED Christmas trees give you an energy-efficient alternative, so you can keep their lights on longer and more often. Read on to learn more about their advantages and variety.

The LED Advantage

LED Christmas tree with woodland ornaments
Our Deluxe Noble Fir with LED Color Changing Lights (Photo courtesy of Jen Lutz and Rachel Cuthbert)

LED Christmas trees are illuminated by light-emitting diodes instead of conventional incandescent bulbs. LED lights have no filaments, so they won’t burn out and leave unlit areas on your tree. They also produce less heat, making them a safe choice. Although LED trees initially cost more than incandescent models, these use 75% less energy and can last up to ten times longer.

Types of LED Christmas Trees

LED Christmas tree with clear lights, multicolor lights, and unlit
Three different looks with one Color-Changing Christmas tree (Photo courtesy of Lydi Out Loud)

These pre-lit trees are available with clear and multicolored lights to suit your theme. You can even enjoy both in one tree with our LED Color-Changing models. These let you switch between four lighting options—clear, multicolored, alternating clear and colored, or off—at the touch of a button. See how it looks in the video below, courtesy of At Home with Haley.

5 LED Christmas Trees You’ll Love

We’ve rounded up five popular LED trees from our collection. Find your perfect match, and let it add cheer to your holiday celebrations. 

1. Kennedy Fir

Two LED color-changing trees with assorted decorations and trim
Double the color and fun for Shirley of Housepitality Designs

Welcome the season with a space-saving Kennedy Fir Slim—or in this case, two of them. See how Shirley’s color-changing LED trees go from classic golden to festive and bright on her blog.

Shop the Kennedy Fir

2. Classic Fraser Fir

Christmas tree with clear LED lights and blue, white, and pink ornaments
The LED Clear Classic Fraser Fir with blue, white, and pink ornaments (Photo courtesy of The Home I Create)

Over at The Home I Create, Linda’s Classic Fraser Fir charms with its warm glow and elegant mix of ornaments. This Quick Set™ tree lights up with a single plug for fast and simple set-up.

Shop the Classic Fraser Fir

3. Alberta Spruce

LED Christmas Tree with colorful ball ornaments and assorted decor
This rustic-themed Alberta Spruce is a beautiful sight (Photo courtesy of At Home with Haley)

Full-profiled and lush, the Alberta Spruce is an eye-catcher no matter what decorations you use. Haley enjoyed the ease of having a pre-lit tree, and shared how her son loves switching their lights from clear to multicolored to alternating.

Shop the Alberta Spruce

4. Colorado Blue Spruce Snap Tree

Artificial Christmas tree with LED color-changing lights and decorations
Classic clear or merry multicolor—choose what look matches your mood (Photo courtesy of Ashlee and Her Tribe)

This LED Christmas tree is one of our easiest to set up—just snap the stand in, tilt it up, attach the tree top, and plug in the lights. For a regal look, Ashlee dressed up her Colorado Blue Spruce with a velvet tree skirt and assorted ornaments in burgundy and gold.

Shop the Colorado Blue Spruce

5. Deluxe Noble Fir

Kids sitting in front of a pre-lit LED Christmas tree
Kids share a warm moment in front of their Christmas tree (Photo courtesy of Jen Lutz and Rachel Cuthbert)

Hand-strung LED lights showcase the unique downswept foliage of our Deluxe Noble Fir. Jen Lutz paired this with red berry picks, woodland ornaments, and a plaid tree skirt for a cozy display perfect for family gatherings.

Shop the Deluxe Noble Fir

Visit Tree Classics to browse our full selection of artificial Christmas trees, decorations, and storage bags. If you’re still wondering what tree is right for your home, read our guide here for handy tips. Here’s to a merry and bright holiday season!

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