Snap Tree 101: How to Set Up & Store Our Easy-to-Assemble Christmas Tree

With all the items on our holiday to-do list, anything that saves us time and effort comes in handy. For an easy-to-assemble Christmas tree, look no further than our Snap Trees™. These pre-lit trees snap together and rest on a rolling stand for convenient set-up and storage, so you can focus on what matters most. Here’s how to assemble and store a Snap Tree of your own:

Setting Up Your Snap Tree

1. Roll Your Tree into Place

Rolling your artificial Christmas tree
The built-in stand is designed to glide and pivot

Each Snap Tree features a built-in stand with wheels on one side, so you can easily move it without heavy lifting. On the other end, pivot feet provide stability when setting up. Simply roll the tree into your preferred spot, then lower it toward you with the pivot feet resting flat on the floor.

2. Snap Your Tree Together

Easy-to-assemble Christmas tree

Twist and press down the pole to lock it, then slide in the bottom half of your tree. Using the pivot feet for balance, tilt your tree up to a standing position.

3. Attach the Treetop

Attaching the top of a Christmas tree
Lights instantly connect through the pole and to your power source

Now, insert the top part of your tree onto the trunk. Its light strings automatically connect through the pole, so all you need to do is plug your tree into an outlet. To make your tree look its best, we recommend you fluff its branches starting from the innermost section moving outwards.

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Storing Your Snap Tree

Disassembled Christmas tree in storage bags
Each Snap Tree comes with bags for easy storage

When it’s time to take down your decorations, simply go through the steps in reverse. Unplug the lights, remove the top section, then lie your tree down on the floor. Your Snap Tree is designed to store upside down on its stand, so you only need to transfer the base to the other end of the trunk.

Finally, tilt your tree upright, and cover the two parts in the bags we’ve provided. Simply wheel the lower portion off for storing, while you carry the top portion with a convenient sling.

Easy-to-assemble Christmas tree with assorted decorations
Our 9-foot Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree (Photo courtesy of French Garden House)

From set up to storage, our signature Snap Trees make holiday decorating a breeze. For more detailed instructions about assembling your Snap Tree, visit this page.

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Rhoda Vickers: [music] Hi, I’m Rhoda and I’m going to show you how to put together a Tree Classics Snap Tree. The base of the tree has locking feet that move when you pull the tree up and it has wheels that you can move the tree on.

Once you get this base in place and this locking mechanism in the middle, then you’re ready to just slide the trunk on. Hold on to this, again up with the feet, we’re going to pull the tree up and put it into place.

Now that we’ve got that in place, it’s time to put the top on. This tree comes in clear lights and multicolor lights and they’ll alternate back and forth, or you can leave them on one or the other. To put the top on, you just slide it into place, and the lights automatically attach through the base.

Then all you have to do is turn the tree on and fluff the branches. To fluff the branches, we start at the back and pull them all apart and get them all fluffed out. You’ll want to do that with every single branch. When that is finished, then you’re ready to decorate the tree. That’s how easy it is to put together a Snap Tree.


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