How to Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree and Decorations

How to Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree and Decorations

One of the best things about owning an artificial Christmas tree is that you can use it again for years. To make sure your tree stays beautiful, you need to clean and store it properly, along with your ornaments, wreaths, and garlands. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to store your artificial Christmas tree and décor after holidays.

Preparing Your Artificial Christmas Tree for Storage

1. Remove All Your Ornaments

Christmas balls in storage box
Photo by Laura of Pet Scribbles

Take each piece down and wrap in a soft material, like bubble wrap or tissue paper. The added layer protects your ornaments from scratches and bumps as you carry them around. If you have multiple sets, categorize them by color, type, or theme, and label for easy identification.

2. Take Down the Lights

Unplug Christmas lights

Turn off and unplug all lights. If the lights are not built into your tree, you’ll need to remove them and separate all connections. Wrap them around something sturdy and wide, like a clothes hanger. This makes it easier to unravel your Christmas lights next time you put them up.

3. Clean the Branches

Artificial Christmas tree foliage

Before dismantling your tree, make sure it’s clear of dust and debris. Gently sweep the branches and trunk with a vacuum on medium speed. Afterwards, wipe them with a clean, dry rag.

4. Disassemble the Tree

How to store your artificial Christmas tree

Take down the top section of your tree first. To keep branches from bending, arrange them so they face the same direction, then gently flatten the foliage. This will help you fit the tree in its storage bag. Do the same for the remaining sections.

5. Store Your Tree

You can store your tree in its original box, but the material may deteriorate over time. For better protection, opt for a Christmas tree storage bag instead. A bag with wheels lets you easily move it to your closet or storage room.

Stow your tree in a dry, cool location far from direct sunlight, vents, and high places. To preserve its shape, place it on a flat surface and avoid stacking anything on top of it.

Storing Other Christmas Decorations

1. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Storage
Our 48-piece and 72-piece ornament storage chests

The best way to store Christmas ornaments is in a special padded container with dividers that separate and protect them. Place heavier ornaments at the bottom to avoid damaging fragile pieces. For safekeeping, put together small parts such as metal hooks and zip ties in a clear container.

2. Wreaths

Wreath in storage bag
Photo by Laura of Pet Scribbles

Just like trees, wreaths need to be stored properly to prevent leaves and branches from bending, breaking, or losing their shape. A padded storage bag helps preserve your greenery and allows you to stack multiple wreath bags without crushing its contents. As an alternative, try repurposing wreaths as year-round decorations.

3. Garlands

Garlands can be difficult to put away, especially if you don’t have the proper containers to accommodate their size and shape. Laura of Pet Scribbles shows us how she uses a small tree storage bag to keep her garlands safe. Best of all, it comes with wheels, so you can just roll it into your closet.

Do you have other tips for storing artificial trees and décor? Please share them with us in the comments below. For Christmas tree storage bags and more, visit Tree Classics today.

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