A Guide to Reusing, Repurposing, and Storing Christmas Decorations

Guide to Repurposing and Storing Christmas Decorations

Taking down and storing Christmas decorations may seem challenging when you have limited space. To make it easier, we recommend sorting them into four categories: discard, reuse, repurpose, or store. Read on to learn the difference between each, and get useful tips for clearing your decorations.

1. Discard

Packing up Christmas tree
Photo by Tiffany of Making the World Cuter

If you no longer have use for old, worn, or broken decorations, add them to your discard pile. Consider donating items in good condition to non-profit organizations or communities in need. Otherwise, drop them off at a nearby recycling center for proper disposal.

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2. Reuse

Some decorations work well as year-round accents. Aside from saving storage space, it also adds warmth and beauty to your home. Below are some of our favorite decorating ideas.

a) Change Accents on Your Foliage

Undecorated wreaths and garlands are easy to dress up for any season. Trade in poinsettia picks for spring florals, then add ribbon for flair. You can also experiment with feathers, bead garlands, and twine to create your ideal look—the possibilities are endless.

b) Brighten Up Different Spaces

For a change, think beyond doors, mantels, and windows. Use artificial wreaths and garlands to bring nature’s warmth into your bedroom, or to dress up your table for family gatherings. With the right accessories, these also serve as thoughtful accents for different areas of your home.

c) Create Your Own Arrangement

Artificial garland in basket
Photo by Susie of The Chelsea Project

You don’t need a Christmas tree to display your favorite floral picks and ball ornaments. These look great in a glass bowl or vase, adding instant color to any table. For a charming evergreen planter, try curling up your garland in a basket.

3. Repurpose

Repurposing gives new life to your old decorations. It’s a great way to reduce waste, exercise your creativity, and maximize the value of your items. Here are some DIY projects for you to try out.

a) Christmas Tree Topiaries

Turn an old Christmas tree into topiaries for everyday display. Cut branches into varying lengths, arrange them in a planter or urn, and fluff to get your desired shape. For tips on making this DIY topiary, visit this page.

b) Ornament Wreaths

Wreath made of assorted Christmas ball ornaments
Jen Lutz’ DIY ornament wreath adds beauty to a white wall

If you have Christmas balls you no longer use, repurpose them into colorful wreaths. Shape a wire hanger into a round frame, then string ornaments through. Fill in the spaces with smaller balls and hot glue, then finish off the look with a lovely bow.

c) Ornament Garlands

Garland made of assorted Christmas ball ornaments
Pair your DIY ornament wreath with a garland to match

Ball ornaments also work wonderfully as colorful garlands. All you have to do is measure out the length of twine needed, then thread ornaments in your preferred order.

4. Store

Properly storing Christmas decorations helps keep them in shape for holidays to come. This saves you the cost and effort of buying new items each year and allows you to build a collection of family keepsakes. Below are some things to keep in mind as you pack up.

a) Clean Before Storing

Storing Christmas decorations

After taking down your décor, wipe each piece with a clean, dry cloth. This helps prevent dirt from building up while in storage.

b) Choose the Right Storage Pieces

Storing Christmas decorations
Organize your ornaments with our storage chest

Carton boxes may not keep your tree and décor safe for long periods of time, so we suggest investing in a Christmas tree storage bag and ornament chest. These are designed to protect the shape and material of your items, especially when storing in compact spaces.

c) Arrange for Easy Access

Storing Christmas decorations
Jen Lutz uses our Deluxe Rolling Storage Bag for her tree

Place items you don’t use often in the back of your closet or shelf and keep staple pieces within reach. Don’t forget to label each container, so you can identify its contents at a glance.

To learn more about storing Christmas decorations, read this post. Let us know if you have any questions or additional tips in the comments below, and find durable storage solutions on our store today.

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