Christmas Trees: When to Put Up & Take Down

When should you put up your Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree has become an integral part of celebrating the season of giving; seeing decorated trees all around serves as a reminder that the most wonderful time of the year is here. However, you might ask: when do you put up a Christmas tree? The answers to this question will vary—some answers are deeply rooted in Christmas traditions, while others are a result of modernization. Take a look at the most common timeline for keeping your Christmas tree up in this post from Tree Classics. Continue reading “Christmas Trees: When to Put Up & Take Down”

3 Things to Do When Your Artificial Christmas Tree Arrives On Your Doorstep



If you’ve taken our advice on the best times to buy a Christmas tree and purchased yours early this year, it may be tempting to stow the neatly packaged greenery in the attic and forget about it until December. However, if you want to ensure the best experience with your tree during the holidays, you should consider checking and testing it thoroughly before the return policy expires.

This post presents a few basic tips for those who have just received their new artificial Christmas tree, whether they plan to use it now or later. Continue reading “3 Things to Do When Your Artificial Christmas Tree Arrives On Your Doorstep”

Unlit vs. Pre-lit: Compare & Contrast Artificial Trees

Amid the baking of Christmas cookies, wrapping of gifts, and playing of Christmas carols lies the center of the holiday festivities—your Christmas tree. It is the focal point around which all the other holiday traditions revolve, such as opening gifts, caroling, and family photo-taking. As such, choosing the right tree for your home is a very important decision. Continue reading “Unlit vs. Pre-lit: Compare & Contrast Artificial Trees”

How to Recycle an Artificial Christmas Tree

If you took our advice on last week’s post and have just purchased a new artificial Christmas tree, what are your options for disposing of the old one? Rather than simply throwing your old tree in the dump, Tree Classics presents a number of alternatives that will help put your old artificial Christmas trees to good use.

Tree Classics' Grand Fir

Continue reading “How to Recycle an Artificial Christmas Tree”

Best Times to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree



The beauty of an artificial Christmas tree lasts from season to season, and investing in a high-quality tree will put smiles on your loved ones’ faces for years to come. Unlike real trees, you can purchase artificial trees year-round to better meet your family’s budget needs. For extra savings on a topnotch tree that will last, check out the great Christmas tree sales at Tree Classics during the following sale times. Continue reading “Best Times to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree”