Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
Yay for March! This means spring and all that it promises is on its way! It’s also the month when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Luck of the Irish. As you know, I love celebrating all things holiday, and St. Patty’s Day is no different. Continue reading “Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day”

5 Holiday Meals with a Healthy Twist

With the new year right around the corner, it’s easy to put off your diet for 2016 while you’re experiencing food-filled holiday celebrations at the tail end of 2015. The winter holidays are packed with irresistible feasts near the end of November and December, giving you all the more reason to pick up a few new and healthy recipes you can treat yourself to between dinner parties and family time.

Here are five healthy alternatives to a few traditional meals to let you get through whatever the holidays have to throw at you.
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Traditional Home Décor Ideas: 5 Recipes for Leftover Pumpkin

With the Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins just around the corner, you may be wondering what to do with all the left over pumpkin pulp from your jack-o’-lanterns. It would be a shame, after all, to throw away so much fresh and nutritious food. Pumpkins are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamins A and C, and potassium, as well as Omega 3 and 6.

No matter what traditional home décor ideas you have in store for your pumpkins, here are five recipe ideas to get the most out of these seasonal gourds and ensure that your Halloween season is free of worry and waste.


Pumpkin Waffles

pumpkin waffles
Photo courtesy of PumpkinWaffles

Perfect for the morning after you carve out your jack-o’-lanterns, this Pumpkin Waffle recipe will ensure right away that the leftovers of your fresh pumpkin décor don’t go to waste. Easy and quick to prepare, this recipe requires ingredients that are easy to find in your kitchen or at your nearest grocery store. See the full recipe by PumpkinWaffles here.

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Fresh Autumn Salads for Your Family to Enjoy

Salads are a great way to enjoy the nutrient-rich bounty of autumn. These colorful concoctions allow you to add a couple of servings of vegetables and fruits into your diet in a fun and flavorful way. In this post, Tree Classics shares a selection of refreshing salad recipes that will tickle the palate and help keep you fit and healthy.

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Tree Classics’ Favorite Recipes: Labor Day Party Treats

The Labor Day weekend provides an opportunity to unwind and dedicate extra time to do the things you otherwise can’t, such as out-of-town trips and family getaways. If a trip isn’t possible, however, you can invite friends and loved ones over for a backyard picnic or get-together. Even the smallest of gatherings can be memorable, and preparations do not have to be complicated. Just be sure to have some tasty snacks and beverages prepared for an afternoon of laughter, and the simple pleasure of conversation.

The following Labor Day recipes will ensure that your guests leave in high spirits and with a full stomach. These Labor Day party treats are proof that delicious snacks and desserts do not require elaborate recipes and exotic ingredients. Give the labor of love and attention to the food you prepare during the long weekend and see how huge a difference some creativity and effort can make.
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